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In order to post your website or web pages, web hosting services is all you need. For your web pages or website to be seen on the internet, web hosting providers offer the needed technology. Basically, the servers are used to host the websites. Servers are basically special computers. To visit a website, you only need to type a website address you want to visit on your browser. Once the computer connects to the server, you see the web pages on your browser.

Basically, a domain is necessary for you to access the services of a web hosting provider. The provider can as well help you to purchase a domain when you do not have one. Through a hosting reseller, however, third parties can access the hosting services. It is, therefore, possible to access the hosting services from hosting reseller Peru.

Different web hosting types.

As technology continues to advance, there are various types of hosting services for the different needs of the customers. Here are some of the web hosting types.

1. The shared web hosting.

Its usually the common web hosting service. Shared web hosting is also the easiest for a beginner. In this case, the server is usually shared by many customers. This form of service comes with various advantages. First, it is cheaper since you do not have to pay for the server upfront. It is also easier to use. Since the server is preconfigured with various options it becomes easier to use as the provider deals with maintenance and security updates. However, Colombia hosting reseller can, however, provide the shared hosting services.

2. Dedicated hosting for your website.

In this case, you get a server as well as all resources dedicated to your own use. The server is usually not shared by different customers. There are various benefits that come with dedicated hosting. One such benefit is its customization and flexibility. In this case, you select the exact hardware as well as the exact specifications for the server in order to meet your needs. There is guaranteed performance because the server resources are not shared. At the same time, there is full control and, therefore, you can tweak and configure the setup to meet your requirements.

3. Cloud web hosting.

Although there is sharing of the physical server hardware, there are special virtualization technology split-ups or partitions. This allows the every cloud server to get their own dedicated resources to allow configuration like a dedicated server. Also, VPS Colombia customers share the server hardware. However, the special virtualization technology splits-up the server for each partition to have dedicated resources and act as a dedicated server. However, cloud hosting is usually very flexible.

Hosting services are usually available at a cost. Nevertheless, hosting reseller Peru is a cheaper way for your website to run on the internet.

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