Noche Buena Traditions I Want to Pass Down to My Children

After Thanksgiving,baby clothes, Noche Buena (Christmas Eve) has to be my all-time favorite holiday. Ever since I was a child, I’ve loved it — so much so, that I want to ensure that I pass down the traditions of Noche Buena on to my children as my mother did to me.Noche Buena is all about love and family like most holidays, but the combination of the tree and decorations, glasses of eggnog, twinkling lights,baby safety, nostalgic holiday music, and laughter in the background make it probably one the most beautiful and memorable holidays.When it comes to traditions, there are the classic singing, dancing and board games — but here are the 4 Noche Buena traditions that I want to pass down to my children…It’s All About Family!Music, gifts, and decorations are great, but I want my kids to know is that the day is about family and the love amongst them. It is the reason for the season!Dress to ImpressEvery holiday, my mother and I still wear a new/ stylish outfit, and Noche Buena is no exception. I hope that my children carry on the tradition of looking and feeling their best on Christmas Eve.Click here to see holiday outfit ideas for Baby!Exchanging Gifts at MidnightNothing is more exciting than knowing you have many gifts you cannot open until 12 a.m. And what is more exciting is getting to see the face of the person receiving the gift. Seeing how happy your gift has made them is one of the best feelings, making for a wonderful memory.Home cooked dishes.Sure, they can get it catered, or even have a personal chef prepare a meal if they can one day afford it. But there is something very special about cooking with and for your family. It’s an extra ingredient that can’t be bought. We also take pride in who cooked what and which dishes finished first; it is a fun little bragging rights game we like to play.

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